Jacquou le Croquant

Jacquou le Croquant

The story begins in 1815, in the heart of the Barade forest, in the Périgord countryside, at the time of the Restoration. Following disagreements between the tale of Nansac and his father, sharecropper of the tale, the latter is imprisoned and dies. Illness kills his mother shortly after. Jacquou Férral, who has become an orphan, wants revenge for the cruelty of the powerful and becomes the spokesperson for the oppressed peasants.

Eugène Le Roy, in his novel “Jacquou le Croquant”, places his hero several times in Bonneval.

A few kilometers from the Pays de Jacquou, a walk in the footsteps of Jacquou le Croquant starts from the village of Fanlac….

A few kilometers further still, you can visit the Château de l’Herm (castle of the tale of Nansac) in Rouffignac.

Château de l'Herm

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